Director General's Welcome

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École des Roches provides your children with a complete learning experience. Our students achieve excellent academic, sporting and cultural results.

Against the backdrop of an expansive and beautiful campus approximately an hour from Paris, and built on the foundations of an unrivalled heritage, École des Roches is now entering a period of ambitious growth and development not only in terms of its curricular and pastoral provision but also in terms of its physical facilities for teaching and learning and for boarding with a €43 million Investment.

Underpinning everything that we do, is the aim that each pupil not only gets fulfilment and enjoyment from their school years but leaves the school with an understanding and value of self and with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed at university and in the wider world. That success depends not only on high academic and extra-curricular achievement but also on having acquired the necessary human skills and values that will enable them to operate in a global society.

The responsibility for nurturing the development and well-being of each individual pupil in this way extends beyond the classroom and our shared ambitions for the education of your child can only be fully realised through working effectively in a spirit of partnership between home and school. As such we welcome and encourage regular contact with you as parents.

I invite you to visit École des Roches, to meet its staff and pupils, and to learn more of what this unique school has to offer and its ambitious plans for the future.

David Dowdles

Director General

Mission, Ethos & Values

We remain at the forefront of educational thinking. We focus on universal and humanist values.

"The school pushes you to stand out you to be the best person you can be, this is why I call École des Roches a school for the elite."

Christine Henras (Alumni)