Vision, Mission and Values

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École des Roches is one of Europe’s best private co-educational day and boarding schools.

Founded in 1899 by the sociologist Edmond Demolins, École des Roches is located in the heart of the Normandy countryside, steeped in an exceptional heritage. This idyllic setting lends itself perfectly to boarding school learning, focused on the intellectual and personal development of each student.

Mission: the success of our studentsEcole des Roches offers a rich and stimulating programme, allowing its students to learn various languages from a very young age, and to be open-minded about the world around them.

The boarding school model offers a family and inclusive atmosphere conducive to the personal development of each student and the development of lasting friendships.

École des Roches provides its students with modern and comfortable facilities: six boarding houses, classrooms equipped with digital whiteboards, and numerous educational and extra-curricular buildings that promote the intellectual and cultural learning of each student.

Humanistic valuesWe advocate deeply humanistic values such as tolerance, respect and sharing.

Welcoming nearly 300 students from over 100 countries, our educational philosophy is built on multiculturalism and a holistic structure: each student participates in the success of the school and thus in the education of all.

All our boarders are united by the Rocheux which embodies the essence of French culture and encourages respect for others, will, perseverance, effort and ambition.

At École des Roches, our motto is "Armed for life and to serve": we provide students with all the tools they need to develop their curiosity, sense of responsibility and leadership skills in order to prepare them for great professional careers.

Teaching excellence for 120 years to members of royal families, presidents and business leaders, our alumni include such great names as Cacharel, Peugeot, De Rothschild and Henessy.

Trust our educational teams to take care of your child in a family, caring and secure environment and help him/her to become one of the leaders of tomorrow.


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“What impressed me the most and what I loved most at École des Roches was the school’s spirit. When one is a student at the school, they are part of a family”

Sophie Alexandra Aiachi (Alumni)