Ecole des Roches foundation

École des Roches achieved outstanding academic, cultural and sports results from the beginning

In 1899, the École des Roches secondary school opened.

School houses were created shortly after:

In 1900: the Les Pins House

In 1901: la Guichardiere

In 1902: Le Coteau et Les Sablons

The Alumni Association of École des Roches began in 1910.


The school heritage

École des Roches continued to consolidate its academic and cultural reputation.

The school grew to several hundred students. There were six houses. The school grounds covered 150 acres.


Ecole des Roches within the history of France

École des Roches was closely affected by world events.

In 1940, the school was occupied by Allies forces and students evacuated. The school was liberated in 1944.

In 1950, the Alumni Association of École des Roches and the Normandie College was created.


The school transformation

Developments at École des Roches continued apace.

The school became co-educational in 1968.

School facilities were modernised with a school television network, a karting track, an airfield and a central restaurant.

In 1999, École des Roches affiliated to UNESCO.

In 2014, the school joined the prestigious GEMS Education group.