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École des Roches was founded in 1899 by the sociologist Edmond Demolins.

École des Roches boasts a proud and rich heritage. Founded in 1899 by sociologist Edmond Demolins, we were the first "new school" of France, taking an innovative approach to education which was seen as ahead of its time. For over a century we have continued to provide a world-class education to many generations of our original students. From the start, the school focused on universal and humanist values. That's why École des Roches was recognised as a model for new schools.

École des Roches has consolidated its reputation for outstanding educational principles.

Over the years, the school campus has grown to a 150 acre site, and the boarding houses increased to a total of 12, housing over 400 students. The original boarding houses Le Vallon, Les Pins, Le Coteau, Les Sablons and La Guichardière were opened between 1899 - 1902 and houses boys only.

In 1950, AERN, the Alumni Association of Former Students. École des Roches and the Normandie College was created. The school has continued to modernise, mature and develop. In 1968, the school opened its doors to female students. Today, École des Roches has 350 students across all ages.

School buildings and facilities have always kept pace with technology. Over the years, École des Roches developed a television network, a karting track, an airfield and a central restaurant.

Regarding student recruitment, it is global. Pupils come from countries all over the world. The school affiliated to UNESCO in 1999.

In 2015, École des Roches joined the prestigious global GEMS Education group.

“The Rocheux Spirit. This "distinct and unique" spirit is the foundation of the School and thus a tribute to its founder, Edmond Demolins, who fought very hard for it.”