COVID-19 information

Over the course of this past year, all of us have been significantly impacted, directly and indirectly, by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the middle of March, following a decision by the French ministry of education, all of our students and staff went into confinement. I am pleased to say that the learning experience for our students did not stop, but rather it took a new form, with all of our classes carrying on via the interactive online platform of MS Teams and Office 365. Both our students and staff quickly adapted their methods of learning and teaching, as we quickly developed and refined our IT skills.


Following the lengthy confinement, the return to campus this September has been a joyful reunion for all, but it has been one for which we have very carefully prepared. We have put in place a new sanitary protocol, installed hygiene equipment and taken measures to allow for proper distancing in all of the student learning and living spaces. We have dedicated two boarding houses for the purpose of quarantine if necessary, and we are in regular contact with both the local and regional health services. Furthermore, we have carried out training with both our staff and our students, and who are all fully committed to keeping each other safe, which in the current context means wearing masks.


The following is link to our protocol for our students.  Please do not hesitate to ask, should you have any further questions regarding what we are doing to keep our community safe. 

Sanitary protocol