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École des Roches alumni hold leading global roles in business, government, medicine, law, engineering, the arts, sports and science.

Our Alumni Association was established in 1910, and for over one hundred years we have instructed many generations of French and international families from around the world. We are extremely proud of all our alumni. Many of today’s most influential and recognisable business leaders are former students of École des Roches, including Michelin, Taittinger, Schlumberger, Peugeot, Bauche, Henessy, Martel and Hersant.

No matter which country our students come from, or where they go after leaving École des Roches, they all graduate as Rocheux Alumni, with an excellent French education and connections for life.

All École des Roches alumni are welcome to join AERN.

“Being an Alumni is, beyond being, you are an alumni forever.”

Kamran Khorosvani

Alumni Association President

Find out more on our alumni website | Watch our Alumni playlist on YouTube

“When I left, I used the school and its alumni network to progress in my career. The contacts were strong and of high quality”

Yvon Le Roux (Alumni)