Sport is an integral part of our Rocheux's school life .


A large range of activities

École des Roches was one of the first in 1899 to advocate complementary between the intellectual and physical activities, and was also the first in France to introduce all team sports such as, basketball, handball, volleyball, soccer… British teachers even came in Normandy, to implement rugby at school!

Since then, sport is an integral part of our Rocheux's school life.

Sense of effort, team spirit, taste for competition, capacity for endurance, surpassing oneself, all inherent qualities of leaders "well in their head, well in their body."

Here are the sports you can practise at school :

Flying, Acrobatic gymnastics, Athletics, Badminton, Basket-Ball, Circus classes, Climbing, Equestrian, Fencing, Fitness, Futsal, Bodybuilding, Swimming, Ping-pong, Soccer, Golf, Handball, Karting, Rescue Course, Rugby, Running, Skateboard, Tennis, Volley-ball, Yoga and Sophrology


Rocks Trek Tour

Ecole des Roches also offers exceptional projects such as the Rocks Trek Tour.

The Rocks Trek Tour is a 10-day trek in Yosemite Park in the United States. This is unique initiatory Journey in a student's life. The idea is to Study in immersion a place that is not well developed by Human and then compare it the the daily reality experienced by the students. A human experience that leads students to problematize the Relationship between Man and his environment.

Please see below feedbacks from our  students who participated in Rocks Trek Tour season 1:

"Traveling through these landscapes as an adventurer has only increased our immersion and allowed me personally to discover places or even to exceed my limits and above all to create a cohesion between our companions and us the participants." - Gaston, Première S.

"The Rocks Trek Tour was an incredible experience for me.  Yosemite is a magnificent park, easy to access and very quiet where Man comes into contact with nature. The rapprochement between students and teacher touched us all very much because with the small group we formed, we were a Family." - Diane, D1.

"I really enjoyed the Rocks Trek Tour. It was a great experience that allowed me to open myself to a new culture, a new environment and new people. This trip was very rewarding and succeeded in meeting all the expectations it proposed. I recommend to all those who will have the chance to register to do so, not to hesitate and embark on this beautiful adventure." - Lauren, Première L.

"It was a very beautiful trip. Each stage of the trip was a cultural and sporting discovery. Following my return I am quite nostalgic for the trip. Whether it's San Francisco, Yosemite, Sequoia Park and even Los Angeles." - Emmanuel, TS.



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