Sport is an integral part of our Rocheux's school life .


A large range of activities

École des Roches was one of the first in 1899 to advocate complementary between the intellectual and physical activities, and was also the first in France to introduce all team sports such as, basketball, handball, volleyball, soccer… British teachers even came in Normandy, to implement rugby at school!

Since then, sport is an integral part of our Rocheux's school life.

Sense of effort, team spirit, taste for competition, capacity for endurance, surpassing oneself, all inherent qualities of leaders "well in their head, well in their body."

Here are the sports you can practise at school :

Flying, Acrobatic gymnastics, Athletics, Badminton, Basket-Ball, Circus classes, Climbing, Equestrian, Fencing, Fitness, Futsal, Bodybuilding, Swimming, Ping-pong, Soccer, Golf, Handball, Karting, Rescue Course, Rugby, Running, Skateboard, Tennis, Volley-ball, Yoga and Sophrology



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