2017-2018 Director General’s Lecture Series

Started in October 2017, the Director General's Lecture Series allowed the school to host a dozen of talks covering a wide range of professions and personnal expériences: diplomacy, stress management for exams, medical studies and career choices, our Young Rocheux came in numbers at each and every talk, gathered hands'on advice and benefitted from our contributors' experience which in turn enriched their sense of cultural and intellectual diversity.


List of subjects - 2017/2018 Lecture Series


October 12, 2017         Diplomacy and International Relations

November 8, 2017       Higher Education, Business and Management Studies

December 11, 2017     Motivation and Career Choices

January 24, 2018         Political Sciences and International Relations

February 12, 2018       Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility

March 14, 2018            Charity and Humanitarian Aid

April 4, 2018                Health/Medical Studies

May 24, 2018               Higher Education Abroad

May 29, 2018               How to prepare for exams


2017-2018 Lecture Series’ Retrospective (in French)