Lecture Series

Important event in the School's life, the Director General's Lecture Series give the floor monthly to distinguished guests and active professionals of various backgrounds - Old Rocheux and Rocheuses or not - with the very purpose of conveying a passion - which quite often became a profession - opening the doors to higher education, research, professional life and, more broadly, exemplifying exceptional life pathways. The School community is deeply grateful to the guest speakers for the time and efforts they graciously spend on those talks and without which this lecture series would not exist. 

Parents of current and former pupils are most welcome to attend our monthly talks. Be aware that you must contact the School to register prior to each talk.


2020-2021 Lecture Series

2019-2020 Director General's Lecture Series

2018-2019 Director General’s Lecture Series

2017-2018 Director General’s Lecture Series



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