Pastoral Care

Ecole des Roches has always welcomed pupils with their own talents and differences. Thanks to les Roches process,  upon the students arrival and until the moment of their departure, the Rocheux will adquire the essential social skills and expertise in order to face the life « after les Roches » . Meeting together, connecting and coordinating every committment allows to provide great qualitiesan conditions  to permanently search for the ideal and complete support given to the pupils.


The R.E.L.A.I.S programme is an innovative student-centred learning framework designed to develop our pupils’ self knowledge and skills widely sought by both universities and employers. Closely linked to the School’s Strategic Aims, this programme is based on a few core elements such as Culture, Outdoor Education, Democracy and Expression. In concrete terms, participation in the programme will ultimately be mandatory for all pupils in lower and upper middle school. Pupils’ efforts and their individual and collective excellence will be acknowledged through a system of School awards. The achievements and results of each Rocheux will be integrated in their dossier and will contribute to their final graduation level.


Pastoral care programmes