Revision courses


Preparing our students to excel


At École des Roche we provide extra support and preparation for our students, as they get ready for exams.

One week courses in February and Easter:


Our one week intensive courses are designed to help our students master the required basics, memorise the essential concepts and understand working methods.

Daily intensive pace: 5 hours of class, 2 hours of sport and 2 hours of private study.

  • Grade 12: Baccalaureate – core subjects
  • Grade 11: Anticipated French Tests
  • Grade 9: Preparation for School tests
  • 6 to 7 hours a day: methodology, revision and exercises.
  • 2 hours of study + 2 hours of sport complete


Contact us for more information about how to enrol your child in the intensive study courses


Ecole des Roches also offers revision courses in July, for students from CM2 to Terminale. This revision courses last 2 weeks.

Objectives :

- Review the essential basics;
- Memorize the essential notions;
- Fill in the student's gaps.


- 6 to 7 hours of classes every day + 2 hours of supervised study every evening with the help of the teachers;
- Continuous control in each subject throughout the internship;
- Global exam at the end of the internship.


A report, drawn up by the teachers' council, will be sent to parents at the end of the course.

This revision courses allows your child to start the new academic year on good foundations.


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