Boarding houses

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Living in the boarding school is living a big adventure,
learning to respect others and the rules, learning to share and to grow.


The boarding school at École des Roches consists of 6 houses called Maisons, which are large historic Normandy houses. Boys and girls are divided by age in these single-sex boarding houses. Foreign students are accommodated with French-speaking students in pleasant and recently renovated rooms with 2 to 8 beds. House masters ensure that students of the same nationality are separated in different rooms.

Each house has a name: the girls are housed in Maslacq, La Prairie or Le Vallon, the boys in Les Pins, Le Coteau or Les Sablons. 

Each house is represented by a coat of arms and a motto, as the tradition of Anglo-Saxon boarding schools requires, and as set up by Edmond Demolins when the Ecole des Roches was created: the Sablons with "Loyalty binds me", the Coteau with "Strength and softness", or the Prairie with "Pax in Lumine", for example.


Houses Masters

The boarding houses are supervised by responsible adults called House Masters. They are the "substitute parents" at the boarding school and they are there for everything related to well-being, safety, monitoring school work, or the daily lives of children.... They are also in contact with parents, but also with the school office. Students contact them for any questions, health problems, pocket money, mobile phones or any other special requests...

The House Masters, true parental substitutes, are an essential pivot in the supervision and encouragement of their residents.



The boarding houses are each composed of spacious and modern rooms, in which up to 8 students are accommodated. Each house has its own living room: a lounge, in which students can relax with each other, play the piano, read and discuss, but also a "roll call" room in which meetings are organised. In order to exercise, sports halls and dance halls are at their disposal as well as an entertainment room with a home cinema.

Each house has a laundry room and allows children to benefit from laundry and ironing of their laundry every day. Laundry is an optional service.

Far from their families, these boarding houses would become their homes, and their Rocheux' brothers and sisters their families.

The educational system of École des Roches, so important to its creator, offers educational, psychological and emotional support to its students in order to promote their intellectual and personal development throughout their schooling.



The House Masters are the parents' main contacts with the school. They are available in the afternoon and evening for any information or questions. Newsletters are sent regularly to parents, allowing them to share some of the students' daily life at the boarding school.