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Our vision of the boarding school : the personnal development of the student


It is essential that within the boarding school, every student has access to personal development.

To do this, many elements come into play:

-     RIGOUR - Provide academic rigour: during home studies and thanks to more precise monitoring in coordination with all the school's stakeholders and families (School life, Teachers, Direction, Boarding school, Families) allowing a progression in school results.

-     ORGANIZATION - Simplify and organize the students' daily lives, by bringing rigour to the tidying up, the organization of their rooms and their personal space. By promoting a balance between affinity and diversity in the rooms.

-     PREVENTION - Keep students away from current societal problems (multiple screens, illegal substances, alcohol...)

-     SUPPORT - Provide psychological, moral and friendly support on a daily basis through dialogue, humour and communication in French and English. This also includes the adult's availability both in the management of their daily lives (medical appointments...) and in the follow-up of files (parental authorizations, need for administrative documents...)

-    PARTICIPATION - Involve students in house, school and traditional projects (Christmas Party, Christmas Tree Run, Solidarity Associations, Inter-house Challenges...) by always bringing a dynamic atmosphere.

-    RESPONSIBILITY - Valuing initiative, responsibility, mutual assistance and tolerance. Every week, the students put themselves at the service of others and help to organize their daily lives. The student Captain will learn to put himself at the service of his House Masters, but also of his comrades. Students must be involved in all school actions that are important to them (Day-Fit, Telethon, Sports Tournaments, Gastronomy...).


The balance between all these components will allow a better development and a greater motivation of the student. These resources are necessary to achieve its objectives of success and excellence. Thus, at the boarding school, students have several essential tools to their personal development and will acquire the necessary experience for good self-building.

Yann SALLÉ - Boarding School Responsible

Holder of a STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities) degree in Education and Motor Science, Yann SALLÉ then followed 2 years of training as a teacher at the IUFM in ROUEN.

With 19 years of experience at Ecole des Roches, Yann SALLÉ began as head of sports for summer camps from 2001 to 2004, then became House Master. First at the Maison des Pins for 6 years, then in different houses (les Fougères, la Guichardière, le Coteau, Bessan, les Acacias and le Vallon), where he worked during the academic year or during the summer internships. He is now Manager and Head of House in Les Sablons.

Yann SALLÉ has also been a sport teacher for 18 years and class teacher of “Troisième” (Year 10 or 9th Grade) for 15 years. Director of Sports, he is in charge of the boarding school since the beginning of the 2019 school year.

Yann SALLÉ is married and has two children. He is passionate about sports and especially extreme sports.


« Fraternity and team spirit in the boarding school are very important to me, you have to think of others before you think of yourself. You have to learn to live with others and put many of your beliefs / principles aside. In this respect, the experience of boarding school makes our students grow and mature. »

“I know people who come from all over the world, and have a diverse range of friends. Everyone knows each other. Les Roches is different from other schools because it is a real family to all of us.”

Fabien Ren (Current Student)