School Fees

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At École des Roches, we offer helpful fee payment options for school fees.

Fees vary for day students and full-time boarders and year groups.

Download 2022/2023 fees lists for:


Middle School

High School

International Baccalaureat

French Foreign Language programme



We offer a 10% discount on your second child's school fees and a 15% discount on fees for your third child or more.

You can pay fees in one lump sum or in three installments.

Parents receive a 1.5% discount on annual school fees if they pay in one lump sum.


The payment of the year can be made in 3 installments.

Please note that the French Consulate may ask you to pay your tuition fees in full in advance if your child needs a student visa in France.

In which currency do I pay?
All payments must be made in € (Euros)

When should I pay?
If you opt for payment in 3 instalments:

  • First deposit at registration
  • Second payment before 15th August
  • Third payment before 15th January

As soon as your child is registered, an invoice will be sent to you with details of the school fees and the conditions of payment.