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École des Roches are offering scholarship opportunities

Since the establishment of the School by Edmond Demolins in 1899, Ecole des Roches has had as one of its key principles the wish to develop and recognize the full range of its pupils’ diverse talents. It is in this spirit that Ecole des Roches has created a system of merit-based scholarships designed to recognize the particular talents of young candidates, whether these talents be reflected in the classroom, in a concert hall or on the stage, and without reference to their family’s financial means.


Applicants are assessed in particular on their potential to contribute to the School’s academic and artistic life and, more broadly, to its national and international reputation. A series of tests, interviews and written assessments will take place at the school in Verneuil, or French applicants. For students living abroad, the assessment will be done remotely on file and during a Skype or Whatsapp interview. Beyond the wider selection criteria that each scholarship candidate will be required to fulfil, it is expected that every scholarship holder will embody the values of the School in all aspects of his/her life.

In general, scholarships are awarded on a merit basis to candidates displaying the best balance between academic excellence and sporting or artistic talent.

A personal letter of engagement will be signed by each recipient of an award. All scholarships are reviewed annually and should continue from year to year on the basis that the recipient satisfies all necessary requirements including demonstrating continued commitment and progress in all areas of activity.


  • Academic Scholarships
  • Visual and Creative Arts and Music Scholarships


Please download our 2020 Scholarship brochure here

Please dowload our 2020 Scholarchip procedure here