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Bilingual education for an opening to the world from Primary school onwards


At École des Roches, teaching is bilingual French/English in all classes, from CP to CM2.
We also take great care to meet the specific needs of each student, giving them the personal attention they need to develop basic skills:
- Read
- Write
- Count
- Express yourself

From CP to CM2, all of our educational programs prepare our students for the future stages of their school career. Our primary education combines classic methods of education with technological innovations to interest, motivate and support all our young students.

Foreign Languages

Our teaching at the Primary is fully bilingual French/English. It offers early language learning to give our young students the best chances of success in their studies and beyond. In addition, students in CE2, CM1 and CM2 are enrolled in the Cambridge Test, allowing them to find out their level of proficiency.
As with all courses from Primary School to École des Roches, the emphasis is on having fun and teaching your child, stimulating all the senses.
Not only that, all our Primary students also have the possibility to choose another foreign language as an option: Spanish, Chinese, Russian or German.

At the end of each school year, a compulsory school trip in France or abroad is organised, to allow students to discover a country and its culture.

The School sets up an exchange with Holmwood House School in Colchester, UK, to offer CM1 and CM2 students cultural and linguistic interactivity with other students of their age.

Extracurricular and extra-curricular activities

Rich and varied sporting and cultural activities play an important role in the education of the youngest. These activities will help children to identify and develop their talents, but also to develop self-confidence from a very young age. At Ecole des Roches, your child will be able to practice sports activities such as golf, tennis, football, fencing, judo or pony and/or artistic activities such as guitar, piano, drums, plastic arts, theatre or creative leisure activities.

In addition, the École des Roches offers Primary students the possibility of taking yoga classes, allowing students to work on concentration and relaxation.

Our differences

  • Small class sizes
  • Personalized follow-up for each pupil: one hour of study in the evening, Primary teachers and a dedicated teaching team provide help in understanding the lessons and help with homework.
  • An added value through languages: 3 modern languages from the 6th grade onwards.
  • The «ROUTES» program (Roches, Orientation, Universities, Tutoring, Fulfilment, Psychological Support) which provides listening and advice to each student, on his schooling and/or his well-being at school. This program is also in charge of the orientation of the students.
  • A programme of extra-curricular activities to encourage the development and awakening of the youngest, complemented by educational projects combining teaching, shows, outings, games, etc...


Florence Ceugnart, Primary Director

Teacher since 1981, Mrs Ceugnart has a "School Teacher" training, a School Management certificate and also has a specialization for students with special needs (CAPA SH: Certificate of Professional Aptitude for Specialized Assistants). She also holds a degree in "Langues et Cultures d'Origine" from the Sorbonne with a specialization in FLE (French as a Foreign Language) and has obtained a Master Trainer Certificate for new teachers (CAFIPEMF).

Mrs Ceugnart has managed several schools, including a school with 300 pupils in Orne department.

She is convinced by the pedagogy of projects on which school programs can be based. These more or less long and ambitious projects are a source of motivation and serve as a guideline for the team and the articulation of areas of expertise.

At Ecole des Roches, she manages a multi-skilled team that masters the FLE aspect (French as a Foreign Language) necessary to welcome non-French speaking students, but also bilingual English to carry out the development of the English language in parallel with French.




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