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Lower Middle School

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Rigorous preparation for High School exams

Day-to-day life at our beautiful independent secondary school in Normandy, France, is all about preparing our students for the challenges that lie ahead. We help them explore their talents and discover new skills and capitalise on the opportunities that come their way.

Our varied academic programme includes mock tests, once a semester, to familiarise our students with the examination process and help them acclimatise to the expected standards. 98 percent of pupils pass the mock tests with flying colours.

We all also introduce intensive training for 9th grade students, who have tests on Friday afternoons, once every two weeks, to help us identify any areas where pupils might be experiencing problems. Passing to 10th grade is facilitated by this intensive training.

Our goal is to teach students how to :

  • Develop their working methods in each subject
  • Organise and structure their working time
  • Build a compelling argument
  • Master writing, oral and visual communication
  • Achieve greater autonomy

We achieve this through :

  • Intensive work
  • Balanced school time, regular in-class examinations, mock tests, daily studies and a personal follow-up for each student
  • Personal discovery of new chapters before classes
  • Preparation for the Brevet examination in the 9th grade. This is comprised of three mock Brevets and an oral examination in history and geography

What makes us different :

• Personal follow-ups
• The identification of our students' strengths, weaknesses and skills. A contract of engagement is drawn up for students who require closer monitoring
• Added value from learning Foreign languages

Our willingness to embrace and integrate new technologies

Our helpful team would be happy to answer any questions you have about secondary school life at the École des Roches, so please contact us today.