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Middle School at Ecole des Roches


Middle School at Ecole des Roches follows the programme of the French National Education system, with which we are under contract. The students are individually monitored from the moment they arrive in the 6th grade and guided throughout these 4 years during which we set up a pedagogy that allows them to approach the Lycée with serenity.

Our pedagogy

In addition to the program, the students of the Collège will be offered activities, integrated into their timetable, offering an opening on the world and the environment:

  • Practical Work: during the 4 years of the Collège, our students will have to choose one practical work per semester from the following menu: Horseback Riding, Karting, Arts, Theatre or Computer Science. The opportunity to discover a new passion, or to participate in an activity.
  • Drama classes are also offered in the timetable, allowing each student to learn how to pose his or her voice and express himself or herself in public and adopt the right postures.

At the Collège, students also need to open up to the world and learn how to communicate. As well as living in a boarding school with 40 other nationalities, we put the emphasis on learning English, with subjects taught in English from 6th grade onwards, as well as preparation for the Cambridge exams.


Individualized support

Our main concern is to meet the specific needs of each child. The École des Roches treats each student as an individual, ensuring that each one can develop his or her full potential. To this end, we offer the following:

  • A daily individual follow up with the Head of Household, and a weekly follow up with the Head Teacher, the Head Education Advisor and the Head of Pedagogy.
  • Small class sizes: Less than 20 students per class, allowing all students and teachers to work better together.
  • Studies supervised every evening in the house, supervised by the Head of House and with the participation, some evenings, of teachers who come to help.


Career guidance

As soon as they arrive at Ecole des Roches, each student is taken care of at the orientation level from the 6th grade onwards. The family and the student are guided to make the most appropriate choice of options for each student's profile. This allows the student to build his or her individual project throughout the Collège years. In addition, the child has the opportunity to discover the academic and professional world from the 4th year with lectures given by speakers who are experts in their field and often come from our AERN alumni association, and thanks to a Post-Bac Forum organised within the school each year.


Our differences

  • Small class sizes.
  • Personalized follow-up: during the study period, the teachers provide help in understanding the lessons and help with homework.
  • The setting up of a Teacher / Student tutoring in case of difficulties, with particular support.
  • An added value through languages: 3 modern languages from the Year 7 onwards are possible.
  • The willingness to adopt and integrate new technologies (3D printer, interactive whiteboard...).
  • The "ROUTES" programme (Roches, Orientation, Universities, Tutoring, Fulfilment, Psychological support) which ensures that each student is listened to and advised on his or her schooling or well-being at school. This program is also in charge of student orientation.
  • The aim is to identify the student's strengths, weaknesses and skills in order to give him or her self-confidence. A commitment contract is concluded for students requiring more sustained follow-up.