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Our pedagogical team is entirely dedicated to the success and well-being of our students.

This team is made up of challenging and talented teachers who we know can make a difference in your children's education. We believe in constant learning and therefore encourage the training of our staff to ensure that all our teachers are up to date with the latest teaching techniques and methods.

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Middle and High School

Holder of a Bachelor's degree in History (Speciality: numismatics, Greek and Latin epigraphy), a Professional Bachelor's degree in Town and Country Planning (Speciality: management of environmental resources in rural areas) and a Master's degree in Teaching, Education and Training (MEEF) (Speciality: training, teaching and research), M. Romain Ronciaux has been working for many years in the world of education as a boarding school teacher, sports instructor, head of household, private tutor in Europe and teacher of History-Geography. He arrived at the Ecole des Roches in 2013 as housemaster and has been teaching History and Geography to Middle school students since 2014. An enthusiast of ancient history and lost civilizations, Mr. Ronciaux is also the initiator of the Rocks Trek Tour, Média Roches, S.P.A.R.T.E and “l’Atelier” project, all of which are educational and fun projects that our students are passionate about. .


After a Scientific Baccalaureate in Casablanca, Morocco, Mrs. Bouchra Sorgues continued her university studies and obtained a Master's degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. She then prepared for the CAPES exam at the IUFM of Nice. In addition to her position as Professor of Biology at the Middle School, which she has held since 2001, Mrs. Sorgues and her husband have also been Housemasters since 2006. They have been managing the Maslacq House since 2013, where Mrs Sorgues has been Head of Housemasters since 2017. Mme Sorgues is also passionate about dance, a passion she shares with her students in Maslacq house, for fun or to prepare performances at the school's Cabaroches.


International Baccalaureate (IBDP)


Mr Ivor Gemmell joined the Ecole des Roches in September 2017 and has been teaching Economics and Business Management as part of the International Baccalaureate. He also supervises student’s Extended Essay. Prior to joining Ecole des Roches, Mr. Gemmel taught at SEK Ciudalcampo, a leading IB school in Spain, and also at the Saudi School in Madrid, where he was part of the coordination team. Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Gemmell worked as a Business System Consultant specialising in streamlining of sales, business development and customer relationship and document management processes.


Dr. Ed OWENS is the IB Coordinator and IB History and Global Politics teacher at École des Roches. he also teach Global Perspectives as part of the Pre-DP year.

What M. Owens appreciate most is that students develop a deep curiosity about the world as it is now, and as it has been in the past. They learn how to interpret different types of information and how to use that information to support evidence-based arguments. Before beginning work at École des Roches, he was a lecturer at the University of Lincoln in the UK where he taught and researched modern political history. He completed his PhD at the University of Manchester in 2015 and published a book based on his research in October 2019.


Céline GUIHENEUF is one of the IB French teachers and the CAS Coordinator for the IB and Pre-DP programmes. Alongside these roles, she is also EDR’s UNESCO Coordinator and responsible for the school’s sustainable development policy. Mrs Guiheneuf graduated in Spanish Philology and French as a Foreign Language. She has taught in South America (Bolivia, Brazil), for ten years in Spain, and for twenty years in France, specializing in experiential learning. She specialized in the CAS Programme in order to motivate students to be creative and to involve themselves in humanitarian causes, while developing a healthy body and mind! 


"There are also very good teachers and a very high education level. If one has gaps, we can ask the professors for help. My parents are very satisfied with my academic results."

Malena Grau (Current Student)