Learning Support

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At École des Roches, each student enjoys a tailored programme of holistic learning support.

Our aim is to make sure pupils achieve their full academic, arts and sports potential.

Teachers and form teachers help each student make the best decisions about Baccalaureate choices and preparation.

Our Alumni association members (AERN) are also available to give advice and answer questions about academic and careers preparation.

Students are encouraged to participate in training courses to help them choose future professions and to become aware of the demands of the working world.

We also hold undergraduate forums where students can ask questions about university studies and career paths.

Representatives from a variety of schools, universities and professional fields attend.

Lifelong learning for teachers

We're passionate about constant professional growth.

All of our teachers take part in professional development to make sure they are up to date with the latest education techniques and methods.

“What I like about Les Roches is that it is very much focused on education. Professors really help us a lot with our studies and orientation.”

Sephora Weber (Current Student)