University guidance

The IB Diploma enjoys a high level of respect and
recognition among the world’s top universities.


A team of experienced University Advisors at École des Roches offer specialist careers advice on a wide range of university destinations. In addition, teachers provide individual counselling on preparedness for university, suitability of future studies for individual students and destination choices.



Final year IB students are offered a four-week University Induction Course to prepare them for fully independent living, so they leave École des Roches qualified and ready for the challenges that lie ahead of them as young adults. This includes classes designed to equip our IB students with the skills needed for their future university studies (academic reading, lecture note taking, budgeting and personal finance, moving to another country to study and more).


Some of the most prestigious universities offer places to our IB students (2020 school year):

  • Queen Mary – Business - UK
  • Manchester - Criminology - UK
  • Erasmus University -  Business and Finance - Netherlands
  • ESCA Business - France
  • ESAC Finance and Marketing - Spain
  • Northampton - Film - UK
  • Oxford Brookes - Law - UK
  • Goldsmiths Art and Management - UK
  • Exeter University - Politics - UK
  • Pest University Physiotherapy Hungary
  • Rouen Bio-Engineering (English) France
  • St Mary's Twickenham - Business - UK
  • Plymouth Foundation - Marine Biology - UK
  • City London Foundation - Business - UK