IB testimonials



“As a Nigerian with a French educational background, studying the IB in École des Roches made me multidimensional. Being surrounded by international students enabled me to practice open-mindedness and better communication. Positions of leadership and team projects inspired my passion to be a positive influence in the world. My experience was indeed memorable.”

Somto Asibelua
(Graduate 2018)
University of Sussex, Law with International Relations


“The International Baccalaureate at Ecole des Roches is an extraordinary journey which you do not have to take alone. The ever-lasting support and commitment of the teachers, together with the motivated students, are what make the IB programme a success. Every individual is pushed beyond their boundaries to grow both on an academic and on a personal level, whilst making lifelong international connections.”

Shirli Fagu,
IB student 2020


“The peaceful environment at Ecole des Roches creates perfect working conditions, which are particularly valuable for the “independent learning philosophy” of the IB. In addition, the plethora of different clubs and workshops offered by École des Roches are a rarity, and IB students are lucky to have access to a huge range of opportunities. In particular, the C.A.S. programme is exceptional, rich and diverse.”

IB graduate, 2020 


“Within the IB Diploma Programme at École des Roches, there were a lot of things that I found extremely enjoyable. This included how for most of my courses the class sizes were small which allowed me to gain the proper instruction and individual help that I needed. The high staff to student ratio also allowed me to get lots of help with my IA coursework and to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the IB requirements. The critical thinking involved with the courses in the IB really helped prepare me for the future since I will likely encounter these types of questions in my chosen subject at university. The common room also helped encourage independent learning which proved to be fundamental for me in the long term.”

Jack Fung,
IB Graduate 2020