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We have decided to share with you a little bit more behind the scenes of this exceptional program and we will regularly provide you with content concerning the curriculum, the activities and the life of IB students in our school.

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Dr E. Demoncheaux

This is a very important term in the science classroom and it is hurrying by!

Pre DP Biology and Chemistry students are a close-knit bunch. In chemistry, they are naturally learning about the different models of the atom and how the Periodic Table is put together. They tried not to gain weight while calculating the molecular mass of several compounds, including candies.

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Zuri, Kristina and Maxime

Please meet Zuri, Kristina and Maxime, our 3 IB blog student editors! Let's get to know them better.


Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hi there! My name is Zuri. I'm 16, and I'm from the USA. I am a huge fan of the outdoors! I love hiking. canoeing, skiing, and tree climbing. I also love to play volleyball and piano. I love writing and reporting, so I’m very excited to be one of the IB blog editors!

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Paul Bold

Paul Bold, 
University destination / PSHE Coordinator

"I am very pleased to report that students from our 2021 cohort are already in receipt of excellent offers from Russell Group universities such as Manchester and Queen Mary University London.

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A busy start to the academic year as IB staff and students return to classroom teaching at EdR


A new academic year, a new IB blog!

The start of the autumn term has seen IB staff and students make a successful return to classroom teaching at École des Roches. One month in and we are back into our busy schedule of events and activities.

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