Full Year Programme


We love to teach our beautiful language to pupils of all nationalities and at all levels

Our teaching approach :

Our programs of French as a foreign language during the academic year meet two objectives:
- The gradual integration in French subjects for the pursuit of studies in the French curriculum (French Baccalauréat)
- French immersion learning with a revalidation of the school year

  • All our courses are based on a communicative approach in all competences (written and oral comprehension, written and oral production, interaction) and follow the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Oral and written activities are balanced; students are encouraged to actively participate in each class and to be creative.
  • Courses are taught exclusively in French by university-educated teachers specialising in the teaching of French as a foreign language.
  • The teachers are very attentive to the children. They do not just rely on the didactic of their discipline, but they demonstrate pedagogical qualities. The objective for students is both linguistic achievement and personal fulfilment. Teachers also provide individual support and pupils are assessed regularly.

The program of French as a Foreign Language with integration allows students to learn French and gradually integrate French subjects until complete integration in the corresponding level class.
After one year of integration, the class council will validate the transition to the upper class.

The re-validation program allows a foreign student to spend one year in immersion and then pursue his or her schooling in their country of origin.
Integration in French subjects (mathematics, physics, history, literature ...) is progressive and requires a certain level of French.
At the end of the third term, the school will provide you with an official summary document (annual bulletin) containing the apostille required to validate your schooling.

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Language Camps

École des Roches holds popular French language immersion courses over the summer and winter school breaks.