Alumni - AERN

Alumni Association of Ecole des Roches and the Normandie College

The AERN - Alumni Association of the Ecole des Roches and the Normandy College was formally established in 1952 bringing together the Association of Ecole des Roches with the Association of Veterans of Normandy College Students - another local school who shared the Roche approach to education.

The AERN celebrated its centenary on 02 October 2010

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For over a century, French families have trusted Ecole des Roches with their children's education:  d’Arenberg, de Broglie, Corbin de Mangoux, de Coubertin, d’Harcourt, de Habsbourg, de Lesseps, de la Tour d’Auvergne, Pierre Lyautey, de Montalembert, de la Panouse, de Polignac, Oberkampf de Dabrun, d’Orleans, D’Ormesson, de Rochambeau, Rocher, Rothschild.

Many of today's most recognisable business leaders have studied with us at Ecole des Roches:

They faces might be well known today but in their youth these celebrities studied with us at Ecole des Roches:  de Beaumont, Cornette de St Cyr, Dollfus, Dailly, de Barry, de Marenches, Liautey, Poniatowski, de Rohan, Ruffenacht, Storez, B. Cremer, V. Cassel, Y. Regnier.

Ecole des Roches is proud of all of our Alumni especially those who have excelled.. 

In Arts & Literature The Families of Colette, Claudel, Lartigue, Malraux, Pagnol, Raspail, Sullitzer, Troyat and Fuentes
In Sciences The Families of Cousteau and P. E. Victor
In Design Fashion The Families of Azarro, Cacharel, Castelbajac, Hermes, Lapidus and Ricci
In Drama Music The Families of Lavoine, Bernardin, Dassin, Escudero, Morgan, Piccoli, Torr and Vlady
In Sport The Families of Anquetil, de Ballanda, Borotra and Pironi


For over one hundred years Ecole des Roches has always been a safe and happy environment for the families of world leaders:

  • Laos royal family
  • Maroc royal family
  • Thailand royal family
  • Vietnam royal family
  • The Galitzine noble house of Russia
  • The Montpesat noble house of Denmark
  • Indian Maradjah 
  • President of Gabon 
  • President of Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • President of Lebanon

No matter where in the world our students come from they all graduate as Rocheux Alumni, with an excellent French education and connections for life.

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