Renovation Project

Exciting new development at Ecoles des Roches

GEMS Education is investing up to €25 million for renovation and development, which will see the school move into an exciting new era in the story of our long and proud history of 116 years.

The work will include renovation of boarding houses, teaching and sporting facilities, as well as general ground works and improvements.

The project, being undertaken by ‘Bouygues Construction’, will be conducted in various stages to complete within around 3 years.

Renovated student accommodation and facilities

The first phase of work which will be completed in the summer of 2016 has now commenced, beginning with ‘Les Acacias’. Work has also commenced on ‘Le Coteau’, ‘Les Sablons’ and ‘Le Vallon’. Students from these houses are being temporarily relocated to our mini campus.

After these houses are complete, the second phase will begin with ‘Les Pins’ and ‘La Prairie’.

Grounds and facilities work will also include:

  • updating the tennis courts
  • updating the equestrian centre
  • updating the airstrip for the flying school
  • creation of a new golf practice area
  • a new sewerage network pipeline project
  • Building a new restaurant 
  • Updating sports facilities

Campus-wide high speed WiFi

The entire campus is currently being connected to high speed WiFi, offering a 100Mb/s connection speed, as well as campus wide hotspots, offering our students optimal internet connection.